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Plan to cope with national-level radiation and nuclear incidents nodded

Aug 22, 2017 173
Plan to cope with national-level radiation and nuclear incidents nodded

The Prime Minister on June 16 decided to enact a plan to cope with national-level radiation and nuclear incidents, aiming to set up a system with responsibilities clearly divided among involved organizations and individuals and management and coordination mechanisms applicable to them.

Under Decision 884/QD-TTg, the plan will ensure the preparation of physical and technical infrastructure, equipment, means and human resources for timely and effective response to such incidents, minimizing loss of human life and property, and environmental damage.

Under the plan, the National Committee for Response to Incidents and Natural Disasters, and Search and Rescue will act as an interdisciplinary coordinator at the national, regional and international level. It will direct the work of on-the-spot command posts, organizations involved in response to such incidents and technical assistance teams.

An information collection system run by the Ministry of Science and Technology will be formed to gather information on incidents occurring outside Vietnam that might pose a risk to the country. The ministry will receive information through the International Atomic Energy Agency, information exchange channels among countries, or the national system for environmental radiation monitoring and warning.

The ministry is tasked to verify the accuracy of information, evaluate severity of incidents, propose measures to respond and ask for international help when necessary.