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Gender equality gets a legal boost

Jun 02, 2017 162
Gender equality gets a legal boost

Contents on gender equality as well as women’s and girls’ rights will be incorporated in relevant strategies, programs, plans, schemes and projects of ministries, sectors and localities.

Such is provided in the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 668/QD-TTg dated May 16, approving the plan on implementation of the United Nations’ Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).

The plan aims to step up public communication, education and mobilization activities to raise public awareness of gender equality and rights of women and girls, and build capacity of cadres involved in gender equality in central and local levels.

Under the plan, ministries, sectors and localities are assigned to clearly determine their tasks and responsibilities for the work and prepare roadmaps for implementation of the CEDAW Committee’s recommendations.

Specifically, the plan requests the Ministry of Justice to revise laws on elaboration and implementation of local regulations and practices to abolish discriminatory acts against women.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs is tasked to study and review policies on prohibition of gender discrimination in the Labor Code to comply with the 2013 Constitution and international commitments on gender equality to which Vietnam is a contracting state and intensify the inspection of observation of laws on gender equality in workplaces.

The Ministry of Health will be responsible for disseminating information about obstetric health and birth control, and improving the quality of maternal and child healthcare services.

The Ministry of Education and Training will have to effectively implement the action plan on gender equality of its sector during 2016-20, covering revision of educational materials, and reduction of the illiteracy and school drop-out rates of girl pupils in ethnic minority groups through bilingual education.

The plan also tasks the Ministry of Public Security to direct the police offices at all levels to early detect, stop or handle gender-discriminatory violence and illegal marriage arrangement; and study the scale, severity and causes of women trafficking for forced labor and sexual slavery.