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Funds earmarked for restructuring fisheries sector during 2017-20

Apr 04, 2017 297
Funds earmarked for restructuring fisheries sector during 2017-20

With a view to facilitating the restructuring of the fisheries sector, around VND 165 billion will be earmarked for technology transfer during the 2017-20 period.

Of this, VND 81.3 billion will come from the state budget while the remaining will come from other sources, under a scheme recently issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD).

The scheme aims to mobilize social resources to develop a science and technology market, thus promoting the transfer and application of scientific and technological advances to aquaculture, fishing and fish preservation on vessels in order to improve the output and quality of seafood, reduce post-harvest losses and strongly develop the fisheries sector.

Highly profitable caged-rearing of red tilapia in Que Son district,

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Specifically, at least 12 technological advances will be applied across the fisheries sector in order to raise fishing efficiency by 25 percent, reduce post-harvest losses by 20 percent and improve the output and quality of key products such as farmed tra fish, brackish water shrimp, mollusk, tilapia and lobster.

Around 40 demonstration models of various scientific and technological applications will be set up at cooperatives, while 1,500 individuals and organizations will receive technical training so that they can adopt scientific and technological advances.

To reach the above-mentioned targets, resources will be mobilized through scientific and technological programs and schemes on fisheries promotion.

The MARD will sign contracts with research institutions on developing technological products, review effective production models and rearrange production in the fisheries sector.