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Efforts made to create safer learning environment for pupils

Aug 22, 2017 185
 Efforts made to create safer learning environment for pupils

Mail boxes and hotlines for receiving and processing pupils’ information and feedback will be set up in educational institutions in order to create a safe, healthy and friendly learning environment for pupils and students, according to Government Decree 80/2017/ND-CP dated July 17.

Teaching Vietnamese with e-learning materials for preschool children in Khanh Vinh district, Khanh Hoa province__Photo: Phan Sau/VNA

The Decree, which will take effect on September 5, applies to educational institutions for under-18 pupils and students of preschools, secondary schools, vocational training institutions, special schools, and independent classes, including illiteracy eradication classes and classes for children in plight who are unable to go to general education schools.   

The new decree requires these schools and independent classes to regularly exchange information with families of their pupils and students for the purpose of guaranteeing their lives, dignity, honor and personal secrets.

It also provides measures to prevent school violence.

Specifically, in addition to information dissemination and publication to raise awareness about the danger and consequences of school violence, schools and independent classes are required to provide training in skills to prevent and control school violence and violence against children on the Internet to pupils, students, school administrators, teachers, school employees and families of pupils and students.

Upon the occurrence of school violence, these schools and independent classes must assist, provide health care and counseling to victims and promptly inform victims’ families of the violence for handling.

Where a violence case falls beyond their handling competence, schools are required to inform it to the local police office, authorities and concerned agencies for handling in accordance with law.